Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Park Academy!

Before beginning, It is important that you understand the following guidelines that pertain to our service:

1. The student will arrive on time for all tutoring sessions for which he/she has been scheduled, barring unforeseeable circumstances beyond his/her control. In the event that the student arrives late, he/she is eligible only for the remaining time left in the tutoring session for that day. 

2. In the event that the student is unable to attend a tutoring session, he/she is responsible for cancelling by 11:59am the day before the start day of the session. Failure to cancel by 11:59am the day before will be considered a "no-show" and will be counted as a paid session.

3. All payment(s) should be made in FULL a day before the start of the first session(s).

4. The total number of sessions MUST be taken within 4 weeks for 4-week programs. This includes any make-up sessions for valid absences/cancellations.

5. The student acknowledges that tutoring is most effective when weekly sessions are held and that he/she will not utilize tutoring services in an effort to “cram” for an exam or assignment.

6. The student will arrive at all tutoring sessions prepared and will bring any resources he/she may need such as textbooks, class notes, laptops, calculators, etc. Park Academy is not responsible for any items or personal belongings left behind that may result in loss or damage. 

7. Snacks and drinks are allowed but the student agrees to practice Clean as You Go and will maintain the tidiness and cleanliness of the classroom.

8. The student will diligently adhere to all academic integrity policies. The student will not request help with nor receive assistance on any examination, take-home test, or other graded assignments for which he/she is not permitted to seek help from a tutor. The student also recognizes that it is his/her responsibility to obtain clarification from my instructor if he/she is uncertain with regard to policy expectations. Furthermore, the student recognizes that tutors have the discretion to refuse to assist him/her with any assignment if the tutor believes that such assistance may be a violation of academic integrity policies or expectations, even if the student believes that help on the assignment would be permissible.

9. The student understands that his/her tutor is not an instructor and that tutoring is not a substitute for attending class regularly.

10. The student will treat tutors and other students with courtesy and respect at all times.

11. The student will refrain from using a mobile device for personal use during tutoring sessions.

12. The student understands that his/her tutoring sessions may be observed by a Park Academy tutor or staff member for tutor training and evaluation purposes.

13. The student understands that either he/she or his/her tutor may discontinue the tutoring relationship at any time. Efforts will be made to assign another tutor for the same subject on the basis of availability.

14. The student understands that he/she is solely responsible for his/her own learning and academic performance.

15. The student shall not solicit other tutors or students or work with Park Academy tutors outside of Park Academy supervision.



By participating in Park Academy services, the student and the parent/guardian of the student is agreeing to these terms. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in legal action.