Park Academy

Leadership Class

Top elite colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Princeton, etc. look for students who can appreciate their school reputation. They want their name to be mentioned when the student's name gets mentioned. For example, when we think of Bill Gates, we think of Harvard. When we think of Jeff Bezos, we think of Princeton. They want leaders who can change the world so that the college prestige will appreciate as your own value appreciates through extraordinary accomplishments. Park Academy offers leadership classes that can shape students into these types of leaders so that they can obtain skills to be founders of an international-level non-profit organization. Park Academy has helped students develop their leadership skills through its leadership class. With the skills obtained from the class, students were able to found non-profit organizations such as KARMANT Learning, Smiles for Sustainability, TIE-129, etc. We accept students for leadership classes by application only. If you are truly interested in this class, please contact Park Academy and fill out an application. After reviewing the application, we will decide if the student has been accepted to our leadership class. If they were not admitted, we will write you an email explaining why he or she was not accepted and what they can do to be admitted. Please contact 949-557-7124 or sangjun@park-academy.com for an application form or for a consultation to learn more. Thank you!