Introducing Park Academy


Park Academy has been providing the best tutoring services to California and surrounding areas since 2017.

All About Park Academy


Park Academy offers a variety of services, including college counseling, SAT and ACT prep, and classes in leadership and character development. We develop personalized lesson plans for each student and track their progress upon parents' request. Our standard program is a holistic education program where middle school and high school students get help from our specialists on all subjects. We also offer SAT and ACT specific courses where we provide detailed analysis on students' weaknesses by question types and provide focused training on those weaknesses.


Our Head Instructor has experience working with admissions officers from Harvard University, Northwestern University, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, and Claremont McKenna.

We develop our lesson plans utilizing notes and worksheets accumulated from past schools. Our instructors use these learning materials to create individualized lesson plans based on each student's needs. We incorporate active learning methods in each of our classes, stimulating students' brains through discussion, practice and repetition, and teaching others.  We have expert instructors in all subjects, including all levels of Math, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, US History, and World History.