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Park Academy offers a variety of services, including college counseling, SAT and ACT prep, and classes in leadership and character development. We develop personalized lesson plans for each student and track their progress upon parents' request. Because students retain most of their information through active learning such as discussion, practice, and teaching others, we incorporate these teaching methods into our program.


"I’d like to thank Park Academy for helping me with my high school career. I've been tutored by them for the past year and a half, and they helped me succeed in some of the school's most difficult classes. I'm currently attending University High School as a rising Senior, and I will be graduating in 2020.
Park Academy was great for math and science. Jun helped me with AP Calculus BC and AP Biology, and I was able to get A’s for both classes. He also helped me improve my 740 Math II Subject Test Score to an 800 in just 4 sessions. I would definitely recommend Park Academy for a great and personable experience."

- Quonlee Howery, University High School

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"I highly recommend Park Academy. I have been working with Mr. Park for about 3 months, and I have improved from Bs to As in 3 months. I am also working on ISEE with him. I am a 7th grader, and I am learning binomial theorem, factoring quadratic equations, and composite functions. I am learning 11th grade materials as a 7th grader, and I am so happy that I know more about math than the smartest students in the class now. I highly recommend Park Academy."

- Grace Kao, Beacon Park School


"I highly recommend Park Academy. I have been attending Park Academy for about 1 year. When I first came here, I met with Mr. Park and I was able to learn so much in one day. He taught me math tricks that I never learned any where else. He also has a tutoring system where there are tutors for different subject, and I can get help on all of my school work when I work there. For anyone struggling in school, I highly recommend Park Academy!"

- Kyle Ma, Sierra Vista Middle School

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(949) 557-7124

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